Post your neighbourhood name on hay day !! – Hay Day Game

Post your neighbourhood name on hay day !!

hay day show off

Neighbourhood : Have you created your neighbourhood name? Want new people to join you as

neighbour ? 

Then post your neighbourhoods name bellow that other people can search you to join.

Now you are able to chat with your friends and new neighbour. You can open a neighbourhood 

at Level 29.

>> You can add maximum 20 people in your neighbourhood house

>> Only neighbourhood house owner can invite to join 

More about neighbourhood visit links bellow…

>>> Neighbourhood questions and answers 

>>> Invite new friends

  • jayme

    Come join the peking duck farm 🙂

  • jayme

    Come join the peking duck farm 🙂

  • Tori

    Whispering Woods! Minimum level 29.

  • Allen McCoy

    Green acres is the place to be farm living is the place 4 me, and you to be a neighbor of green acres

  • Owais Qarni

    Hi all, i have made a new neighbourhood, i know its early for my level mates but i think i am helpful enough to help all the friends. So join my neighbourhood, grow with me and i will make u co-leader according to ur level. For now i am not asking for playing derby task. Just come and get help and help others. I am friendly and active almost all the day.
    Neighbourhood Name: Happy Villa
    Leader Name: Changezi
    Minimum level: 18

  • Alice

    The Farmer’s League of Cheese
    I mean, how awesome does that sound, you know what else is awesome?
    -anyone who joins

  • Abbie Marie

    Join HAYNAE!!

  • Patt B

    I just created this neighborhood “conn3ction” im at level 42 and i need a co-leader who can help me build it and advance in league. All great people are welcome to join 🙂

  • Pearle Christie

    Clover Country
    Clover Country is now looking for new members!
    ✨✨Join us at Clover Country✨✨

    Are you looking for a neighborhood that is fun loving, chatty, helpful? If you are over 21 then look no longer because that is what we offer!

    You have found a Great Hood!! We love the derby. Ideally we are looking for hood members that are keen Derby players and will complete tasks. 9 x tasks @ 307+ point value.. We will not require you to use your Diamonds on extra tasks. Our ultimate Goal is working toward all horseshoes. If we win a place for a trophy then that is great, But is not a requirement. We are a neighbourhood that is there for you.. We help each other to get tasks done. It’s a group effort, With some tasks done in minutes. If you don’t like sharing, or having others offer to help you, we are not for you. We are like a family…

    This is what we are looking for…People at least Level 60, Very Active and who can Communicate fluently in English! And one last thing….. Please no one under 21
    Here are a few things I am asking:

    * Please and thank you will get you a long way..
    * Helping with boat orders, watering, and townie pick up.
    * Respect each other, leave the bad attitude at the door.
    * A sense of humour… We can get a bit silly.. Sorry
    * Do all tasks ( or let us know if you can’t, I know life can get in the way!!) or opt out of the Derby.
    * Level 60, required to join…
    * It is a demand free zone… I will not make demands on anyone…

    What we can do for you:
    * make you feel like you have come home
    * help with boats ( dairy and sugar boat are not frown on when they are Derby boats)
    * after you are with us for a week we with help with barn, silo, and land expanding… Don’t come if that’s the only thing you want. We have all experienced those type.. Hood hopper.. You will be removed.

    Any changes that occur in the Hood are based on a majority vote or decision, IT’S YOUR HOOD!!! You will be promoted to elder when you join.. Chatting is also a Big Plus but not necessary as long as you check in and make sure we know you’re around. Please be prepared for a few questions when you join..
    If this sounds good to you why not join my hood and give us a try!?
    We are new. There is two for now but others are joining at derby end next week (I have been around for a bit and made some great friends. The intention is to grow the hood to 30 though that may take a while to get the exact perfect mix of 30 people. The reason I want it to be 30 is because that way if we have an off week or we make a mistake or we don’t feel like playing derby it is not so imperative because we have others to rely on. I am willing to wait months to get to the perfect mix of 30.
    So look for me my name is THE PEARLE BOSS and the neighborhood is CLOVER COUNTRY. You won’t regret it.

  • Caitlin Long

    I’m Riverdale Farms 🙂