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$15 Gift card winner from



Congratulation to Jen Stocks to Win $15 Android gift card from

We have selected One winner Randomly and we used Ms Excel to find Random Winner.

How we did…..

Step (1)

Step (2)

Step (3)

Winner should get email from HayDayGameplay.Com and email us within 15 days to collect gift card number. Please email at ( to collect your gift card number!!
Stay tune for next game and join us to win more gift card!!
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Hay Day Two Favourite Machine




Hay Day Two Favourite Machine!

holiday season

1. Sewing Machine: Hay Day has chosen Sewing product as HOT product for the holiday season! Every time you make and sale this Sewing product you get reward and end of the personal goal there will be Game community reward on Hay Day. So, start completing your personal goal.

Sewing Machine

2. BBQ Grill: This BBQ Grill has a heart like movement. Most favourite machine chosen by Hay Day online player.


Also post your Hay Day favourite stuff on the comments below and share with the community gamer.

Watch the video for live fun!!!


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Buy your First Christmas Tree and Snow Man in Hay Day




Buy your First Christmas Tree and Snow Man in Hay Day!!

To buy Christmas Tree in Hay Day Tap on Shop >> Then Tap on Deco and Holiday Tree. Buy Holiday Tree for Δ 30 Day Day diamonds. If you buy this year you can use them for next year by Packing UP.

To buy Snow Man on Hay Day Tap on Shop >> Then Tap on Deco and Mr. Snow. Buy Mr. Snow for Δ 25 Hay Day diamonds. Use the same Mr. Snow next year by Packing UP.


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Hay Day Official Winter Update




Hay Day Official Winter Update 🙂 🙂 🙂


Finally the update is available for everyone. Please follow some steps for safe update.

Tips #1 Make sure you are connected with Facebook or Google plus
Tips #2 After update allow Facebook to save your game progress
Tips #3 For update help visit @ Support pages

Let us know how did you like the update on the comments below and show us your feedback for better game experience.



Winter update is very soon on Hay Day. Lots of new stuff coming on Hay Day Decos as usual new winter theme.


Sneak Peek #1 Winter Theme

Winter in every where even on your Hay Day game. If you love winter get your update and show your farm to your friend.

winter theme

Sneak Peek #2 Ducks

Love the river? Visit your Hay Day shop and buy a new pet Duck and play all day.

hay day ducks


Sneak Peek #3 Duck Salon

There is a salon for your pet Duck. Now you will be able to customize your duck with Duck Salon. Buy Duck Salon from Hay Day game shop bar.

hay day duck salon


Sneak Peek #4 Lots of new items

Make sure to be connected with Facebook and Google Plus that you don’t loose your game progress.


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