Update soon on Hay Day – Hay Day Game

Update soon on Hay Day

Are you waiting for new update for the game? The update coming up for Hay Day. Lots of new products and new animals will be available on the gameplay. New halloween gameplay costume and many more.

Stay tune for update news on hay day. Download now on Android 

You will be able to collect honey from these bees and sell honey local farmers.

Hay Day bee

Bees – Hay Day upcoming update

Grow your bees for yammy honey. To collect honey you need Production Machine – Honey Extractor.



Honey Extractor – Hay Day upcoming update

Gift shop for buying stuff for friends or neighbours

Gift shop

Gift shop

Produce more stuff and sell for Hay Day coins.

New products

New products

Actress- new local customer



New Decos- new decos for winter and summer

new decor

New Decos