Post your neighbourhood name on hay day !! – Hay Day Game

Post your neighbourhood name on hay day !!

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Neighbourhood : Have you created your neighbourhood name? Want new people to join you as

neighbour ? 

Then post your neighbourhoods name bellow that other people can search you to join.

Now you are able to chat with your friends and new neighbour. You can open a neighbourhood 

at Level 29.

>> You can add maximum 20 people in your neighbourhood house

>> Only neighbourhood house owner can invite to join 

More about neighbourhood visit links bellow…

>>> Neighbourhood questions and answers 

>>> Invite new friends

  • jayme

    Come join the peking duck farm 🙂

  • jayme

    Come join the peking duck farm 🙂

  • Tori

    Whispering Woods! Minimum level 29.

  • Allen McCoy

    Green acres is the place to be farm living is the place 4 me, and you to be a neighbor of green acres

  • Owais Qarni

    Hi all, i have made a new neighbourhood, i know its early for my level mates but i think i am helpful enough to help all the friends. So join my neighbourhood, grow with me and i will make u co-leader according to ur level. For now i am not asking for playing derby task. Just come and get help and help others. I am friendly and active almost all the day.
    Neighbourhood Name: Happy Villa
    Leader Name: Changezi
    Minimum level: 18

  • Alice

    The Farmer’s League of Cheese
    I mean, how awesome does that sound, you know what else is awesome?
    -anyone who joins

  • Abbie Marie

    Join HAYNAE!!

  • Patt B

    I just created this neighborhood “conn3ction” im at level 42 and i need a co-leader who can help me build it and advance in league. All great people are welcome to join 🙂