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Hay Day Update Sneak Peeks



New Gameplay Update coming on Hay Day Game

Summer update is very soon. Keep sharing with us what new stuff you would like to add on the gameplay.

Most of the upcoming update for higher level player. Some item will cost lots of Hay Day coin to implement in your Farm.

Share your thoughts by commenting below. Sneak Peeks are here and we will keep posting on and Hay Day on Google Plus.

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hay day Sneak Peeks

Sneak Peek #1

Orange and Peach Tree: Finally Hay Day team bringing Orange and Peach tree on the gameplay.

Unlock Hay Day Orange Tree at Level # 71 and Peace Tree at Level # 76

You can buy and sell your orange and peach with other global players. There will be few more interesting product you can bake too. Stay tune with Hay Day Google Plus.

orange and peach hay day


Sneak Peek #2

Neighborhood Trading! Now you can trade with your neighborhood trading. Neighbourhoods will now have tags for easier finding


sneak peek 2

Sneak Peek #3: New Crops – Onions & Tea leaves! Stay tune for update and buy these crops for your farm.



Sneak Peek #4: New Buildings – Tea Stand & Taco Kitchen! There are two more amazing product with Taco kitchen and Tea stand. Stay tune for update…

hay day kitchen

Sneak Peek #5

23 new products on Hay Day. Including 2 new machine and current machine we are going to have 23 whole new product. Can be bought from Hay Day Store.

hay day product

Sneak Peek #6: Summer Theme!Summer is everywhere even in the gameplay. Update the game for new theme on the game. It’s for all player. Let us know how you like the theme comment below.

hay day summer theme


There are few other new things coming on update…. New Stuff

  • 2 new machines for high levels, both costing more than 500,000
  • 2 new crops
  • There will be new tasks for derby
  • You can request 10 crops or 5 products or 3 items (axes, saws, dynamite etc.) / 8 hours from your hoodies. And donate 20 items per 24h. But you can not trade expansion or upgrade materials.
  • The special title you get will be from the previous week’s donations and will depend on how many donations/requests you do
  • Chat improvements: Place your cursor anywhere, like the ones Clash of clans and Boom beach recently adopted
  • There’ll be new decos, but you won’t find them in the shop.

What things are not Updating ….. READ

– The team will be at a summer cabin to celebrate the birthday but we players, get ready for the special event!
– Drag & drop events not coming back anytime soon
– Extra dairy and mill isn’t ruled out anymore, but if it comes, it’s for the high level players only
– Currently no plans to implement messaging, but might consider something like a “note” from the Leader to all NH members.
– On average the newspaper is fetched 1000 times in one second. On average 400 ads are bought every second.
– No plans for other game areas
– No plans to change how tom works
– Town visitors might even dress in winter clothing(in winter update) if the team gets the time!
– There are several games under development but many are killed even before they are launched! Read full

Picture adding everyday………..


New Farm Helpers on Hay Day Gameplay




New Farm Helpers on Hay Day Gameplay

Hay Day introduced new farm helpers on the gameplay. Two farm visitor will help help of the Hay Day farmer. Watch the video and learn more about this new section on the gameplay.


Post your comments if you live this new features. Like our facebook page and stay tune for up-coming updates.

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Hay Day Update for Christmas NEW




Update now: We are back to online with Christmas update. Jump into your game and load your game with lots of new stuff. Let us know if you like the update by commenting below. Have a great Christmas. We have great Christmas gift for you here GET YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT. Read more about update on forum.

We love Sneak Peeks and it’s very close. See all the update news for up coming update on Christmas. All the Sneak Peeks tells you what new stuffs are coming on new update. Post your comments and share with your Hay Day friends.

Sneak Peek #1: In-Game Friends and Friend Book! You’ll be able to manage all your friends, followers and add more from within the game! Easy to add friends and share your farm activities with friends.

Sneak Peek #2: New crops – Grapes and new Tree – Banana tree. You know that we all want  new product on the gameplay now. Here we go, Banana and product from banana will be added on the new gameplay.

Sneak Peek #3: New Products and Decorations! Now you can decorate your product and sale them to your neighbour for high price. Want to see more? Like Facebook Page

Sneak Peek #4: New options to manage Rose’s chores even better. New option to manage Rose’s work. 

Get Pie Face Game for $14.88 from

More coming , Stay Tune

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Can you correct this Crossword




Can you correct this Crossword?

Download ClicX Flys Free Android Game



Take a look a find the answer. Come back to this page again for the answer and match the answer with following answer. 14355808_1208527445898487_7301965087147194473_n

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