Hay Day Update October, 2017 (Free Diamonds for update) – Hay Day Game

Hay Day Update October, 2017 (Free Diamonds for update)

New update on the way to your gameplay. Stay tune for update and let us know what new stuff you would like to see on Hay Day Gameplay. Post comment and suggestions on Facebook page.

Sneak Peek #1 Neighborhood messaging! Leaders & co-leaders can now send messages to all Neighborhood members. Buy What Do You Meme


Sneak Peek #2 New Flower Shop building! Produce different flowers and bouquets! What’s your favorite flower?

Sneak Peek#3 New crops!
Sunflower & Peony

Sneak Peek #4 New Bingo Derby!
Get even more rewards with this fun new modality!

Sneak Peek #5 Town UI improvements!
-It’s now easier to manage your townies with the new status tabs!
-Check how many visitors are waiting in each of your neighbors town!

Update is here. See details what is new.

Stay tune for Sneak Peek and update with Hay Day Faq Facebook page. Stay tune and update your game on time to receive up to 20 FREE diamonds.