Game Update Hay Day – Hay Day Game

Game Update Hay Day

Update is coming on Hay Day game. Stay tune for new item in Hay Day. See all the sneak peak news here.

Sneak Peek #1: Wildlife Sanctuary!
Collect puzzle pieces to unlock new animals in this area!

Sneak Peek #2: Meet the Giraffes! These tall & shy but cute giraffes will have a blast in your Sanctuary! Once you unlock them, you will get new fancy decorations with them!

Sneak Peek #3: Meet the Elephants!
They love to play hide and seek…
Do you think you can find them?
Also, there are new decorations available
once you unlock them!

Sneak Peek #4: Meet the Hippos!
These cuties love to play in the mud and nap
Beauty your Sanctuary with the decorations that unlock with them

Update now and get free 5 diamonds.