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Meet the big boy of the Hay Day. The only one post man in 

this game. A very nice and smiley little character.Everyone 

loves him because Alfred always bring gift for the farmers. A 

real and proper post man is Alfred. Farmers can see him 

almost every day when you start playing Hay Day !!!

Alfred’s Job:

>>> Carry Thanks Letter : Hay Day farmer get Thanks letter from Alfred every time farmer help to other farmer or hay day friends.

>>> Carry Special Gift: Only lucky farmer get Special gift from Alfred. The special gift can be in BOX or Letter.

>>> Event Gift: Alfred also carry Event gift for the farmer in his little BAG.

>>> Facebook Competition: If farmer win facebook Competition Alfred will also bring the special gift for the Farmer.

Post Man Alfred

Greg: Meet the most visible farmer in the Hay Day Game. This big man is very special character in this game. Him is very helpful and he offer lot of local product in cheap price on his Rodeside Shop. Every farmers are able to visit his firm and able to trade with him. To start your farming you can just follow him. Farmer get Mysterious box every time farmer visit his firm. So, to get some mysterious gift visit GREG’s firm.

Greg’s Job: 

>>> Farming: Guider for all Hay Day farmer.

>>> Trader: Sell and buy local product from Farmers.

Local Farmer Greg

Buyer 1: 

This little girl shop for her Mom and her Grandmother!! She is very cute and she change her dressed every different seasons. 


Most of the time she likes to buy local vegetable !!

>>> Carrots 

>>> Wheat

>>> Indigo

>>> Sugarcane

>>> Soybean

>>> Corn

>>> Chili papper

As always other item.

Angus (Fisher Man): 

Angus is a fisher man and you will see him in fishing area!! Angus works as your guider for fishing. In the game he seems very smart fisher man. Angus knows everything about fishing.If you want him to teach fishing Tap on him and there will be a pop-up tutorial!!


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Tomorrow GGstravaganza competition




Tomorrow GGstravaganza competition

Play online game now


EGGstravaganza Competition! smile emoticon We will randomly select FIVE (5) winners from all correct answers and each winner will receive 200 diamonds!! So the question is: How many Birds are there in this picture? Post your answer on Facebook 


Join to the GGstravaganza competition on Facebook page. There will be five winner and each winner will get 200 free diamonds.


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Hay Day Update Coming- Update Available now




Have you updated your Hay Day?

The new Hay Day update is now available now on Android devices and IOS devices.

There are lots of new stuff including winter theme on the gameplay. Download now and share your moments with Hay Day. For more Visit Forum


 Can’t Update the Game? Click to Visit Support Page

Hay Day Update Coming !!

New update is coming very soon on Hay Day. There are many new features will be added on the gameplay.

Stay tune for update and download free game from

Share this Sneak Peek and let us know if you have any new idea for  Hay Day.

Sneak Peek 1 : New Derby League – Champions League

New Derby League


2#Sneak Peek: Champions League Leaderboard!! The global Leaderboard.


Sneak Peek 3: Winter Theme & New Decorations!! New winter theme will lots of decos to decorate your farm.


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EGGstravaganza Competition Free 200 diamonds




EGGstravaganza Competition Free 200 diamonds

Play Online Game

join now

Join EGGstravaganza Competition on Hay Day to get 200 free diamonds for five lucky winner.

Question is: How many Oven Gloves are there in this picture?

Post your answer to the Facebook post and Hay Day team will select five winner and will give 200 free diamonds for each.

Click to Join Now

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